Library Rules and Regulation (Sanctioned by the G.B.)

For the students

  1. Regular students for Honours courses will be allowed to borrow on book from the Central Library and one book from the Seminar Library for 15 days. Students for the General course will be allowed to issue only one book from the Central Library for 15 days.
    Out going students will be allowed to borrow books against special card issued by the library after University form fill up.

  2. Library cards will have to be shown at the time of entering the library.

  3. Conversation, talking, sleeping, loitering, eating tiffin are not allowed within the library premises. Using mobile phone is also not allowed within the library premises.

  4. Cards are not transferable.

  5. Loss of library Card - In case of loss or damage of library card for the first time, a duplicate one will be issued on payment of Rs.10/- per card. Issue of duplicate card for the second time to the same student will be at the sole discretion of the librarian.

  6. Renewal of Card - Existing library card will be renewed at the beginning of next academic session after admission to the next class.

  7. Overdue charge - Students retaining the books beyond the specified period will either be charged a fine of Rs.1/- per day per book or their cards will be suspended for a limited period of time.

  8. Reading room service - The College has a spacious reading room where student can read books against the Reading Room card issued to them. Personal books or books already issued for home use cannot be consulted in the reading room.

  9. Students must bring into the notice of the library staff any damage or mutilation found in the book issued to them. Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage found in the book at the time of return.

  10. Person held responsible for the loss or damage of library book will be liable to compensate the library by replacing one copy of the latest edition of the same book. If the book is not available in the market she/he will have to pay the double of the price recorded in the accession register for the book.